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A service uniting the invisible relationships of caregiving



Arc is a service committed to easing the uncertainty surrounding a patient’s care in recovery and reducing the burnout and frustration of the current caregiver system with a new caregiver role.

Arc eases the worry of patients by providing quality care, personal touches, and a healthy and safe recovery. Our multiple-caregiver platform integrates task-delegation services and AI technology with the quality of patient-centric personalized care to reduce patient complications and readmission post-procedure.

Arc provides a much needed assistance to the current after-hours care market and expands into a task-delegation service that broadens patient access as well as community engagement and awareness. This means that future generations can get more personalized care as they need it, reducing stress and caregiver burnout while increasing accessibility. 

A concept built as part of SCADPro x Future Health, 10-week SCAD sponsored collaboration with ten companies in the healthcare industry to understand patient needs and create solutions based on extensive research.

For more information on our process and the SCADPro alliance please visit our formal project website.



Everyone has experience with the healthcare system at some point in their life. I've grown up around the healthcare sector and I've seen many of the pain points that patients experience. The healthcare space is incredibly complex, which makes it easy for patients to get lost along the way.  I have a huge amount of passion for understanding patient needs and making their experience better. Healthcare is hard enough, so if I can help make one part -even a small part- easier for patients, providers, or payers, then I know I've helped make an impact for the better.



Qualitative Research


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